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Sweden in America

Do you miss salty licorice, Marabou chocolate or the final ingredient for the Jansson’s Temptation? Are you looking for the latest among Scandinavian design stores, Swedish Crystal or a group in the area to meet up with? The Sweden in America app allows you to find a location for the nearest semla, cinnamon buns or a traditional meatball dinner, lefse or even lutefisk.

Search by location, destination or an article—from Marabou to knäckebröd, from Scandinavia House, New York or Wisconsin, to the Swedish towns of Kingsburg, Rockford or Bryn Athyn. Search for ANYTHING. If it’s available you’ll find it here. If not and you know where to get it, build the community:

Add your own business, favorite place or service. Invite new members to your group. Share your offer or the hidden treasure you’ve found with the greater Scandinavian community in the United States. It’s a click away. Remember, the more specific you are with the description and keywords the better. Is Skagen mix on the menu? Princesstårta? And, is the store carrying candy (godis), knäckebröd or chocolate from Marabou? Sill (herring) for the Midsummer party in the back yard or Swedish kräftor (crayfish) cooked with dill for late August and September? Is anyone selling julkorv, julskinka (Christmas ham), limpa bread or other specialties for Christmas?

All listings are free and subject to review before inclusion in the app. Listings will be available in the app and simultaneously at under the section “Places.” Listings in the Events app are also free and will come up under the section “Events” at

Born here or born there, often it’s fun and inspiring to discover a little bit of the old country in America.

Nordstjernan, the Swedish Newspaper of America

Image sources: Nordstjernan, Nordic Reach. Photo: Bo Zaunders, Wikimedia Commons, private.