Sweden in America is an app developed by Nordstjernan to meet the growing interest in everything Swedish and Nordic in the United States.

Nordstjernan publishes books and periodicals for the Nordic community in North America, a group of close to 12 million or roughly 4% of the U.S. population.

The periodical title Nordstjernan, after 144 years of continuous publishing, really defies all descriptions. Founded in New York City only a few years after the end of the Civil War, in 1872, it was created to supply the growing numbers of immigrants to the area with news from the old country. Few copies at the time reached outside Greater New York since postal services were expensive, slow or non-existent and most of the subscribed copies were distributed by agents in different areas of the city.

Fast forward to 2016; we are nationwide with readers in every state and are the only classic Swedish newspaper in the US, in print every other week. Our roots are still in New York where we started many years ago.

Our other periodical, Nordic Reach Magazine is geared to every Scandinavian or Nordic American along with Americans who love Scandinavia.

Welcome, enjoy searching and enjoy being part of a great community.